U50 portable high-integration flat panel satellite antenna provides high-speed data communications for video, voice and data transmission in Ku-Band, and it can be widely applied in the situation of earthquake relief, power line rescue, flood control and drought relief, public security, fire fight, news gathering and so on.

The satellite communication link can be setup in time based on the one button auto-acquisition solution, that enables the antenna deploy in short time and finish the satellite alignment rapidly. During satellite pointing, the errors caused by antenna heading and tilting can also be automatically corrected.

Industrial standard design with high reliability make the antenna meet the needs of professional satellite communications.

U50 antenna is designed to be packed/carried in a wheeled hard case and it is easy for users to carry it to the destination quickly.

U50 flat antenna chassis has enough room for installation of some additional communication base-band cards to extend its functions. As MODEM card, CODEC card and other user needed cards are added in the chassis, the device will be upgraded to an integrated satellite communication terminal.


Planar waveguide horn array, 70cm parabolic equivalent

Simple rapid deployment and automatic acquisition

Little or no user training required

Graphical user interface on Mobile phone

Built-in LNB and BUC, with optional MODEM and CODEC available

High speed date rate up to 4Mbps

Memory of multi satellite parameters

Carbon fiber materials in structure

A wheeled case with optional backpack accessories


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